Bara Norden is a playwright who uses individual and social stories and, frequently, comedy to explore themes of conflict and contradiction in the world. Her plays have been produced by the BBC, Hampstead and on several national tours with The Factory theatre company. Her radio play Souvenirs, with Katherine Parkinson, was first transmitted in 2011, repeated twice in 2016 and streamed on BBCiPlayer for a year. She collaborated as one of four writers on The Factory’s touring production of The Odyssey, directed by Tim Carroll. Her play The Milkman was developed on attachment at Birmingham Rep Theatre and commissioned by the theatre. She developed her play Babylon with funding from ACE and dramaturgical input from Jack Bradley, literary producer at Sonia Friedman, and the play had public performed readings at The Rosemary Branch. She was a member of The Sphinx women playwrights’ group and participated in curated presentations of plays at Southwark Playhouse and Chelsea Theatre. Meteorite, a play for children, was produced by Hampstead Theatre and published by Oberon Books. She has written numerous short plays including Try Not to Worry (Lounge Gallery), Via Crucis (Florence Trust Studios), Cold Metal (Lounge Gallery), Souvenirs (The Factory in Beyond the Boundaries at Hampstead Theatre and on national tour) and The Situation (evening of short plays curated by Ben Ellis). Her play Blue Light in Delphi received Arts Council funding to develop a stage production with Future Tense, directed by Emma Wolukau Wanambwa, and the the production had a work in progress performance for an invited industry audience at the Jerwood Space. For further details see Linkedin.

Barbara Norden writing as Bara Norden has asserted her moral rights as author of her plays. Barbara Norden (Bara Norden) is identified as author of all her plays in accordance with section 77 of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. All rights in her work are strictly reserved and application for performance should be made before commencement of rehearsal to the author who can be contacted via the Writers Guild of Great Britain should other means fail. No performance may be given unless a licence has been obtained and no alterations may be made in the title or the text of the play without the author's prior written consent. Bara Theatre is a member of the ITC.


"Its surprising blend of the realistic and the fantastic worked beautifully. It made its point about the power of willed ignorance, of not-knowing, with great subtlety and very effectively."


"A brilliantly strange new play for children."

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