Here are some of Bara Norden's plays. Please contact her for cast breakdown if not given.

The Milkman. Theatre. 2F 2M. Comedy.  90 minutes.
Bygones. Radio.  Comedy.  45 minutes.
Wedding Album.  Theatre. Family drama.  90 minutes.
Babylon.  Theatre. Historical epic.  120 minutes.
Souvenirs. Theatre. Storytelling. 1F. 1M. 15 minutes.
Blue Light in Delphi.  Theatre. Dream play.  45 minutes.
Meteorite. Theatre. 1F 2M. Fantasy. Play for 7 - 11 years olds. 50 minutes.
Impossibilities. Theatre. Diverse genres. Short play cycle. 90 minutes.
Party Animals/Terrorists Deserve Cancer.  Theatre. Comedy. 90 minutes.